To build our clients vision into reality. We focus on completing each project like it was a cornerstone reflection to our past, present and future work by continuing the Bosa Tradition.
The Quorum Group Office

Who We Are

For over 30 years The Quorum Group has been privileged to work on a number of Canada's greatest landmarks. Each project varying from residential towers, corporate high rises, and commercial superstructures. 
Our team is trained to complete any project in the most time effective way. From our executive team to our on-site management team, we value our employees and strive to make their work environment more productive and efficient each year.
Today, The Quorum Group is known for being one of the largest contractors across Western Canada. Each project is displayed as a prime representation of our work, building a foundation of trust and persistence on new, and recurring clients. 

Quorum Values

Construction Safety
On-Site Safety
Safety is our number one on-site priority. It's part of our long term growth to make Quorum Group one of the safest companies to work for by 2020.
Development Management
Team Management
We value every member working for, and with Quorum Group. Each position plays a key role in making the gears spin on Quorum Group's success since our early beginnings.
Client Satisfaction
We're not satisfied, until our clients are. It's our industry goal to exceed our clients expectations, and maintain a strong level of integrity and professionalism towards each project.

On-Site Team

Our Quorum on-site team are trained to oversee any job and complete them using a variety of scenarios that involve an increase of safety, promoting on-site productivity. By having a number trained journeymen who've been working with Quorum for over 25 years, new on-site specialists can receive extended knowledge on jobs that can be mistakenly overlooked over time.
Our on-site CSO's dedicate their time in briefing each individual on how their job benefits the production of the site in a way that gives each worker the satisfaction of wearing the proper PPE for each job entailed. 

Quorum Executive Team

Robert Bosa
Constuction Management Vancouver
Chris Blondin
Director of Construction
Doug Carr
Director of Finance
Bob Moore
Director of Development
Manager of Torre Cranes
_DSC3375 (2).JPG
Colin Sikich
Director of Safety
Construction Management Vancouver
Pat Mallon
Director of Structural
Adam Hutton
Senior Site Superintendent

The Quorum Group History

Founded in 1988 by Mr. Robert Bosa, The Quorum Group emerged from a concrete forming and wood frame work company, into an innovative, yet sophisticated construction business where Quorum inherited the services of construction and development management, structural contracting, and general contracting.


With tremendous admiration towards the industry, a number of Quorum's management team and on-site journeymen escalated in growth and are proudly recognized as Quorum Group's '25+ Years Founders Club'. 

The Quorum Team continues to show true ambition and tenacity towards each project. Adapting and strategically completing new, innovative designs to give the community a modernized, uplifting atmosphere for generations to come.

We want to show all opportunities that exist at Quorum in a way that celebrates our success as a whole.