Construction Management

Through our dedicated and experienced staff, our on-site tradesmen are qualified to take any conceptual project and transform it into a dignified masterpiece. Our team takes pride in each client's project, ensuring every detail is carefully thought out. When managing with Quorum, we source out every avenue to ensure our client's budget is met and or reduced. 
The Quorum Group has developed a step by step process to take projects from the conceptual stages of a building through to final completion with our Construction Management division. We manage all aspects of construction projects on behalf of our clients starting with our pre-construction services. From providing detailed constructibility reviews of project documents, providing recommendations on consulting firms, value engineering and developing conceptual budgets our qualified Construction Managers direct all aspects of organizing up-coming projects. Our open book approach allows owners to be involved and informed without sacrificing their business.
  • Reduced Project Cost
  • Enhanced Quality Control
  • Low Risk Management

Structural Division

A construction worker control a pouring
With over 20 years experience specializing in structural contracting, The Quorum Group has continued to innovate and be a leader in the construction industry. The Quorum Group has built a wide range of real estate developments and construction projects including multi-family complexes, office buildings, shopping malls, residential concrete high-rises and mixed use concrete high-rises up to 60 stories in height.  
We have experience operating on any size project including some of the largest landmark developments in Western Canada. Our team has acquired the capability to successfully complete any concrete structure and architectural design through our understanding of the best structural contracting processes and systems in use. We have pioneered the use of various formwork technologies tailored on a job by job basis to support our commitment to quality and safety.
  • Controlling Costs
  • Achieving Budget
  • Competitive Pricing

Development Management

Development management services are an essential part of The Quorum Group’s integrated real estate management platform. Quorum’s development team employs principles that have been at the core of Quorum’s business for more than 30 years. Quorum’s reputation as a hands on development management and construction management company enables us to provide a unique blend of services for our clients to evaluate project feasibility and to monitor every phase of a project from concept to completion to ensure its success. Our ability to understand the complexities of the planning, design, and construction process and execute appropriate strategies is attributable to our unrivalled level of expertise, our unwavering passion for excellence and unmatched personalized service.
We never forget that each client is unique and each project possesses unique challenges and opportunities for success. Our team will work with you to search and identify a list of potential sites and conduct due diligence to confirm each site’s feasibility. We will complete a pro-forma, develop a preliminary project budget, and create a detailed project schedule to determine how the acquisition, regulatory, design, and construction processes specific to the site will impact the project.
  • Fully Integrated Management & Coordination
  • Master Planning
  • Design Development

General Contractor

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Quorum offers comprehensive General Contracting services ranging from bid qualification and requests for proposals through to completion of your project. Our services include assembly of conceptual and final budgets, value engineering, project scheduling, tendering, sub-trade contracts, procurement and quality control, progress reporting and inspections.
From new construction, to tenant improvements, and renovations, our experienced team takes pride in developing quality relationships for superior results.
  • Fully Customizable Services
  • Sourced Point of Contact
  • Hassle-Free Process 

Special Projects Division

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